Welcome to Indian Media Clearing

We are one of the leading providers of online media coverage, media tracking and media monitoring services in India.

Our services helps corporate communications, public relations, advertising and research professionals improve their ability to access, understand and use media coverage as key component for communicating more effectively and make informed business decisions.

As a professional media monitoring firm, We monitor the effectiveness of your media campaigns and evaluate industry trends to provide tailored media management solutions.

Key Service Offering

In order to help you become more effective at all your PR initiatives, We offer you comprehensive coverage collected from Print media, Leading television news channels and websites. You receive media clips in a wide range of formats. We offer:

  • News Clippings in 10 different formats.
  • Industry Newsletters on a daily basis.
  • Analysis of your Media Coverage.

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Online Media Portal

With our new innovative Web-based IT platform, you can retrieve, search, organize and analyse your media coverage with digital speed. A platform where you can login and view coverage on your company, competition and industry. You gain access to:

  • Daily coverage alerts via email.
  • Search, Group and Share Coverage.
  • Generate coverage Trends.

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Everyday We monitor news on key industry segments i.e. Aviation, Automobiles, Banking, Education, Finance, Hospitality, Insurance, Infrastructure, Infotech, Oil & Gas, Power, Retail, Real Estate, Telecom Sector and many more Sub-Sectors.