Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that we are frequently asked. We are always happy to explain what we do.

Where are you based? Who are your clients?

Indian Media Clearing (With No Sister Concern) is an independent private company based at New Delhi, India. During these 10 years, We have successfully served PR agencies, Fortune 500 companies, Research professionals, NGO's, Government enterprises.

Which media sources do you monitor?

We monitor mainly Print media, Online media and Electronic media in India. You can contact us for the exact list of media sources we monitor.

What formats do you follow? How soon can I get my media coverage?

Media coverage can be delivered to you in a wide range of formats like Photocopies, Scanned JPG, In Text, PDF, HTML, MPG, FLV etc. Your media coverage updates can be delivered to you as early as 7:30 AM (IST).

How long does the service take to set-up? and What are your charges?

It varies depending on how complex your requirements are but usually not more than 24 hours. We provide quotations with full pricing once we understand your specific requirements.

Please contact us if you have any other queries.