Media Analysis Services

If you believe that media monitoring is an essential part of your work, and are interested in receiving not only media coverage, but also an analysis of such coverage.

We can help, Our dedicated team of experienced analysts with knowledge across a range of industry sectors intelligently evaluate your news coverage for a range of predefined and bespoke criterias suggested by you such as:

  1. Geographical Reach & Coverage Volume.
  2. Media type, Size, SOV and AVE.

Using a number of evaluation techniques we can measure the effectiveness of your media campaign and present the results in an easy-to-read report.

The analysis of the relevant news coverage provides you highlights of the level and type of media exposure and its impact. It also offers you valuable insights to plan your media strategy.

Indian Media Clearing delivers customized analytical reports in Word, PDF and Powerpoint formats featuring summaries to identify key trends, charts and graphs providing easier understanding of your media exposure and its overall impact.

The media analysis reports are delivered on a monthly, quarterly basis to you in electronic and hard copy format.

You can avail to this service at an additional cost.